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For Healthy Gums Stop Vaping

By Center for a Tobacco-Free Finger Lakes

Photo by Olena Bohovyk:

Dear Editor,

As a dentist, I have noticed that e-cigarettes are often marketed as the trendier, safer alternative to regular cigarettes, cleverly masking their harmful effects. These battery-operated devices produce a heated mixture of toxic chemicals including nicotine and its byproducts.

Dr. Andrew Welles of the American Dental Association Council for Access and Prevention reports that dentists should take a lead in fighting the spike in vaping, and should educate the public about its dangers to a user’s gums and teeth. Vaping weakens the fibers that hold teeth and bones together. This results in poor gum health, loose teeth, and possible tooth loss. The nicotine inhaled through vaping has been shown to increase the growth of bacteria associated with gum disease. Dry mouth is yet another outcome of vaping which causes cavities, bad breath, and bacterial or fungal infections in the mouth.  

It’s simple – if you want healthy gums and strong teeth, quit vaping.

If you’re considering quitting smoking or vaping, contact your doctor and the NYS Smokers’ Quitline at 866-697-8487 or​ 

Submitted by: Center for a Tobacco-Free Finger Lakes
University of Rochester Medical Center
Department of Public Health Sciences
265 Crittenden Blvd.
Rochester, New York 14642