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Forbes names Rochester the Best City to Find a Job

By Staff


ForbesForbes Magazine has named Rochester as the best city to find a job in 2015.

The article said Rochester has the best employment prospects in the nation this summer, with a net employment outlook of 35 percent for the upcoming quarter. Forbes said the data, compiled by the ManpowerGroup, represents the percentage of employers who plan to add jobs, minus the percentage who plan to cut jobs.

Nashville, Tennessee came in second place, with an employment outlook of 33 percent.

“Looking for a job? Maybe you should think about moving to Rochester, the third largest city in New York, built on the banks of Lake Ontario,” the article stated. “Home to a booming manufacturing industry and health care system, it tops a new list of places with the best job outlooks for the coming quarter.”

In addition, “Rochester is and always has been a city that leads,” Mayor Lovely Warren said, in response to the designation. “We are a city of ideas, a city of innovation. In the past year, we have sought out every resource we could to capitalize on this legacy. As a result, we’re creating jobs in our city, and making both our downtown, and our neighborhoods, more vibrant.”

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