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Frankel Condemns County’s Day Care Cuts and Late Provider Payments

By Staff


Sandy Frankel

Sandy Frankel

Sandy Frankel, the Democratic candidate for Monroe County executive, issued a statement Aug.11 accusing the county’s current administration of denying families adequate services by cutting daycare subsidies, and making late reimbursement payments to childcare providers.

Last month, childcare service providers called on Monroe County Human Services Commissioner Kelly Reed and Deputy Commissioner Nancy Forgue to address their concerns regarding subsidy payments at a meeting at the United Auto Workers Union headquarters. However, Reed and Forgue canceled their appearances shortly before the event.

At the time, Frankel condemned county Republicans, saying they “dropped the ball” by scrapping the meeting.

The county later blamed the post office for late delivery of provider payments.

“Not only is the Republican approach penny wise and pound foolish, it says that low-income, working families aren’t important to their current county regime,” Frankel said Tuesday. “When childcare providers called out the county on egregiously late reimbursement payments, the county blamed the single additional processing day that the post office now requires. When providers asked that they be paid by direct deposit rather than hard-copy check, the county has promised to look into implementing this new technology. Look into it?—friends, we are in the 21st Century.”

Frankel also said, if elected, she would restore, and increase, the reported $1.3 million in spending for childcare subsidies the county cut in 2013.

“We will pay for this by ending fiscal mismanagement, putting qualified managers in charge, and taking advantage of modern technology, and of every penny that New York State has to offer,” Frankel stated.

Monroe County Clerk, and Republican county executive candidate, Cheryl Dinolfo has not yet commented on the matter.