Thursday 8 December 2022
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Free Medication Disposal Day on October 29

Drug-Free Irondequoit: Together Changes its Name to Uplift Irondequoit

In the Community: Uplift Irondequoit

Photo by Raimond Klavins on Unsplash

Drug-Free Irondequoit: Together, the primary community advocate for the prevention and reduction of youth substance use in Irondequoit and its neighboring communities has changed its name to Uplift Irondequoit to better reflect the ways it works to strengthen the health and vitality of the region.

“Having drug-free in our name often made it challenging to start conversations with community members who already have positive lived experiences (not had negative lived experiences) with different substances,” said Virginia Nacy, Founding Member and Board Chair. “It also puts the drugs first when we know substance use challenges often stem from underlying issues related to a person’s overall mental and behavioral health.

Nacy said the new name will help us have a deeper conversation about improving the health and safety of youth in Irondequoit.”

Founded in 2016, Uplift Irondequoit brings together a cross-section of community advocates representing town school districts, Irondequoit Police Department, Rochester Police Department, local businesses, families and other community groups. The coalition has a variety of initiatives focused on building a healthier and safe community by changing beliefs, attitudes, perceptions and practices associated with the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

DEA Medication Disposal Day, on October 29th, is one way Uplift Irondequoit and its partners help community members take steps creating a safer environment for kids. Disposing of old, expired and unused medication and vapes reduces the potential risks associated with youth getting access to and consuming them. Many people do not realize they should not dispose of them in their trash because there are still potential risks of harmful exposure to people and the environment.

Thanks to Bridge Builders Ministries, Sully Branch Library, Irondequoit and Rochester Police Departments, residents can go to one of three drop-off locations between the hours of 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Some locations will also have family events and activities throughout the day.

Medication Disposal Locations:

  • Irondequoit Police Department – 1300 Titus Ave, Rochester NY 14617
  • Bridge Builders Ministries – 1787 Norton St, Rochester NY 14609
  • Sully Branch Library – 530 Webster Ave, Rochester NY 14609

“Medication disposal is so important when it comes to creating a safe place for kids,” said Victoria Beatham, Program Director, “and these events are a great way for parents to safely rid their homes of the risk, no questions asked.”

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