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Funke, Morelle Call for More State Funds to Create Housing Units for Homeless

By Staff


funkeNew York State Sen. Rich Funke (R-Fairport), Assembly Majority Leader Joe Morelle (D-Rochester), and Assembly Member Harry Bronson (D-Rochester), among other economic development organizations, local businesses, and community leaders, called for the state to fund the creation of 35,000 supportive housing units, statewide, in response to increased homelessness, Oct. 22.

The group held a press conference at the Carriage Factory Apartments, an overhauled, 73,000-square-ft., formerly-abandoned factory, which now provides 71 supportive housing units with onsite services.

“One of the best ways to improve outcomes for our most at-risk residents is to give them the tools they need to obtain safe, secure, and stable housing,” Funke stated. “Homelessness remains a challenge in our region, and communities like it across New York, which is why I’m proud to join the call for more supportive housing units state-wide. The bottom line is supportive housing makes our community safer, better protects taxpayers, and creates local jobs along the way. I thank Majority Leader Morelle, Depaul Services, and all partners involved in this important effort.”

Officials said homelessness has increased tremendously throughout New York state, with nearly 8,000 individuals and families in upstate NY currently sleeping in shelters. In addition, thousands of others sleep on the streets, or in abandoned buildings and makeshift campsites, while thousands more exit foster care, hospitals and other institutions each year without a home.

“Supportive housing – affordable housing with on-site services – is proven to end homelessness, costs less than leaving people homeless, and saves counties like Erie money in reduced institutional costs,” a press release stated.

“A safe, stable and affordable place to call home is a critical component to helping families and individuals most in need achieve the promise of economic mobility,” Morelle stated. “Unfortunately, the number of low-income families unable to secure affordable housing continues to rise, further threatening the stability of communities across New York State, and highlighting the need to increase funding for housing programs. I call on my partners in government to join me in recognizing, and responding to this critical need.”