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Straight No Chaser: God Will Let You Watch Him Handle Your Enemies

Op/Ed By Gloria Winston Al-Sarag


gloria newSomewhere in the Bible, there is a scripture that many Christians believe mentions God promising to make footstools out of your enemies. And, those who practice Hinduism or Buddhism, believe in something called “Karma.”

Karma, simply put, is the belief that a person’s current state, previous state, or future state of existence will be affected by their actions, and how they treat others.

Having walked most of my life as a Christian, and having also been a practicing Buddhist, and student of Islam, I have come to the conclusion that there is ONE God, who chose to have many prophets. And, Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammad, to name a few, all had one thing in common. That thing was GOD, or a belief in a higher power.

But, I digress, because this is what I believe, and it is not open for discussion, or interpretation. IJS.

However, through the course of my journey, I have also found the hardest thing to do, and achieve, is patience, and to have a willingness to sit still, after people have wronged you.

And, when you live as long as I have, and have the time to look back, reflect, and assess your life, you will more than likely find those who have betrayed, tried to hurt, or destroy you were the ones whom you had brought the closest.

You will also find, over time, that those who’ve made it to your circle of enemies are usually the ones you may have once trusted with your life. Then, after all is said and done, you may begin to realize the people you have brought into your inner circle, who have masked themselves as friends, are the ones who have been in the position to do the most damage.

However, your saving grace will become more than apparent when you realize it is not your job to pay back anyone who has tried to hurt your feelings, smear your name, or tried to stop you from making progress. Those haters will get theirs.

But, if you are lucky enough, and humble yourself enough, God will let you watch him at work.

If you believe He truly is the sum total of all moral authority, and the Supreme Being, that is.

I believe I have recently witnessed God, and Karma, at work.

But, as much as I would like to name names, I will refrain from making my publisher nervous, and describe some hypothetical situations instead, allowing my readers to investigate, and fill in the blanks.

The first scenario, which recently became public knowledge, occurred when a city court judge had been arrested, allegedly for DWI. I have no idea whether there was any racial profiling involved, as my granddaughter suggested, or whether the judge was guilty, or not.

However, what I do know is, in the short period of time they have been sitting on the bench, some judges have acquired a reputation for being very mean-spirited. And, I also know you can’t just treat people any kind of way, and think there will be no consequence in store for you.

I know God will seek to remind all of us, when the time comes, that nothing sits higher than Him.

I know people, personally, and who are close to me, who have gone before this judge, on similar DWI charges, and this judge made sure they were nowhere near their families during the Christmas and New Years’ holidays. Some folks I know, also had JOBS, and had been held with no bail, running the risk of losing their employment.

When you have participated in keeping people from the support of their families, by remanding them to custody and not allowing them to post bail, in my opinion, you have become too full of yourself, and justice is no longer what you serve.

Alcoholism is a sickness. And, yes, if you get behind a steering wheel, and have been caught jeopardizing the lives of other people, I support the fact that there should be consequences.

However, when you become so full of yourself that you fail to even show up to court to oversee your own cases, and don’t care who you have been hurting, then I feel NOTHING for you when GOD, who masters KARMA, factors in.

And then, there are the wolves in sheep’s clothing. The ones who you may witness getting knocked from their pedestals, simply to bite the dust.

It has always been said, the bigger they are, the harder they fall.

I’m talking about those high and mighty, holier-than-thou folks. The ones who use little people to get where they have gotten, and then fail to take the least of them with them. BAM!!! Down they come.

My God don’t like ugly, and He don’t care too much about pretty. Being four-faced, and failing to respect and honor the shoulders which you stand on, will trip you up every time. This community has far too many people sitting high, and looking low, confusing themselves with who they think really are.

I don’t relish in anyone’s misfortune, and, being strong, and being outspoken are attributes I admire, in some folks.

But, it’s when people are mean-spirited, and they have failed to reach back to lift folks up, that it makes an individual the type of person who is not my cup of tea.

Like I’ve always said, “everything my color, is not my kind.”

There are other examples of Karma I have also witnessed recently, however, the limitations of space will not permit me to dwell on all of them.

Nonetheless, please let the aforementioned be a lesson to you, and a reminder to you all, that there is a higher power that is taking spiritual notes on the way we treat others. It is not what you do, but how you do it, that matters. It is not what you say, but how you say it, that makes a difference in whether the message is clear.

What you put out there in the universe, will come running back to you, and, if you are lucky, God will allow you to watch your enemies be handled by Him, with no help needed from you.

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