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Gov. Cuomo Launches Mentoring Program for At-Risk Youth

By Staff



Gov. Andrew Cuomo has launched the New York Youth Mentoring Program, to provide career and life guidance to children who are at risk of failing out of school, or in foster care across the state, the governor’s office stated.

Gov. Cuomo said the program has been designed to match the state’s disadvantaged students in fourth, fifth and sixth grades, with volunteers from businesses and enterprises throughout the state.

The state said it plans to expand into middle school as the program develops.

The initiative will be guided by an advisory board, which will be led in a pro bono capacity by Cuomo’s mother, Matilda Raffa Cuomo.

Raffa Cuomo also chaired a committee for a similar initiative started by the late, former Gov. Mario Cuomo, in 1987.

“New York State has a long-standing tradition of giving children access to every opportunity possible to reach their full potential,” Cuomo stated. “New York once led the way in mentoring, when my father created the first New York State Mentoring Program nearly two decades ago. Today, we are recommitting ourselves to helping our youngest New Yorkers. This mentoring program will give at-risk students the support they need to succeed in school and life. With this program, New York is once again leading by example in securing a brighter future for our children.”

Cuomo said the state’s 10 Regional Economic Development Councils will support the businesses and schools that participate in the program, and a trained coordinator from each council will work with the participants in their respective areas.

Interested individuals may visit for additional information regarding the program, or to fill out an application to volunteer for the program.