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Henrietta Ethics Board Says Jack Moore is Out of Its Jurisdiction

By Staff


henriettaboardmeeting 3The Henrietta Ethics Board has announced it will not take action against Henrietta Town Supervisor Jack Moore, for alleged racist comments Moore made to a town employee last month.

The committee, formed by Moore in 2014, has decided the matter is out of its jurisdiction, and said the board’s job is to serve as an advisory board, without the authority to remove an elected official from office.

The board made the announcement after two hours of deliberation, in front of about ten residents who showed up for the meeting.

Moore, a Republican, had come under fire recently, from the community, after allegedly discussing the Affordable Care Act with employees inside the Department of Public Works, and making the following comments in an audio recording first released by WHAM-TV:

“You don’t know about cousins in the city? We get all kinds of them; they bus them out here, ok? This Obamacare, I think that’s how we’re going to pay for your cousins in the city.”

Afterward, video footage showed an African-American man walking toward the building, at which point Moore remarked, “Yeah, that’s one of your cousins.”

Another employee named Donald Youngman overheard Moore’s statements, then filed a complaint with the Henrietta Board of Ethics.

Henrietta Town Democratic Leader Simeon Banister, and other local leaders, have called for Moore’s resignation following the release of the audio; however, Moore has refused.

Soon, Banister said, his party will announce its candidate for town supervisor. In addition, Moore reportedly has said he plans to run for another two-year term in November.