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Here We Go Again: More From the Dangerous, Bleeding-Heart, “Anti-Racist” Mess-Makers

Editorial by Howard Eagle and company

Howard Eagle

Indeed, here we go again. The exact same institutions, and in fact some of the same individuals who set out, over 10 years ago, to “impact racism in Rochester and Monroe County”, are at it again. 

Back then, in 2012, they were saying some of the exact same things reported in two recent Democrat and Chronicle (D&C) articles (referenced below), both of which were published (in over-kill fashion) on April 5, 2022. 

As Rochester and Monroe County’s premiere, authentic anti-racist educators and organizers, we cannot, in good conscience, allow mess-making imposters to get away (again) with deceptive, pseudo so-called socio-“scientific, anti-racist”-chicanery. We understand that our critique will come across as harsh. However, it is realistic and necessary (in order to counter further serious confusion, miseducation, and intellectual retardation) concerning one of the city’s, county, state’s, and nation’s most serious, deep-seated, thoroughly entrenched, volatile, and potentially explosive, historic, socioeconomic, sociopolitical, and sociocultural issues and problems.

In today’s astonishingly unstable times, we need crystal-clarity, more than ever before. Yet, it seems that Rochester’s near-monopolistic, daily print-news-publication, in conjunction with grant-making partners and others, are intent on “putting lipstick on a (very nasty) political-pig” known to all of us as racism. 

Their most recent, past attempt to do so (to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars literally), WITH ABSOLUTELY NO SIGNIFICANT, MEASURABLE, PERMANENT RESULTS, was launched in 2012. It’s a hustle!

A limited critique of the two April 5th articles referenced above, follows. The articles are so riddled with contradictions and falsehoods (to put it mildly), that this space would not come close to accommodating a full critique. In fact, we are confident that we would be able to fill an entire weekly publication. In any case, we have highlighted some of the most blatantly obvious contradictions and falsehoods. 

The first article, titled: ‘Let’s be inspired to double down on racial equity in Monroe County,‘ was written by two top officials from the Rochester Area Community Foundation. Our very first question is, what in the heck does “double down” mean? Double down on what and how? Hopefully this is NOT a suggestion to spend twice as much money in order to so-called “expand what our community sees as possible, offering even more opportunities to further change consciousness.” Obviously, by the time they finish “changing consciousness,” most of the people whom they’re supposedly trying to help, will be dead. The very last thing people who are suffering the most need, are more abstract, milk-toast, nebulous, thoroughly rhetorical pronouncements, which serve to help ensure that nothing concrete, substantial, meaningful, significant, measurable, or permanent is going to change. 

Speaking of abstract, nebulous, and rhetorical, the pretenders also claimed that: Now that [they] have over a decade’s worth of perspective [even though some of us have over four or five, and in some cases six decades worth], it appears that Rochester has made meaningful progress by broadening awareness of racial disparities in our community while simultaneously growing support to take action to close these disparities.” WHAT?! The easy way to test whether the “appearance” regarding so-called “growing support” is valid or not is by actually implementing significant anti racist change, period! All the rest is rhetoric and noise. 

These folks are literally making it up. Meanwhile, Minister Franklin Florence, one of the objectively greatest organizers to walk the streets of Rochester since the time of Frederick Douglass, has said that, after 50 years of deadly-serious, anti-racist struggle, “little has changed.” And though his quote dates back to more than three years ago, we are personally aware of the fact that he is of the belief that overall socioeconomic, sociopolitical and sociocultural conditions have steadily worsened since the time of his 2018 statement, especially after the arrival of covid. 

The D&C, which is helping (again) to spearhead this newest grand-fallacy by partnering with the grant-funded “Facing Race = Embracing Equity Initiative” and others, beginning in 2012, again, at the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, to impact racism relative to “employment, education, criminal justice and housing.” Yet, the very same news organization reported 6 years, and hundreds of thousands of dollars later in 2018, that “Rochester has the poorest children in New York and the most intense metro segregation in the state“. And just last week, it was reported, again by the same publication that “nearly half of all children in Rochester live in poverty,” which actually had also been reported by the D&C in 2014, two years after their ongoing, grandiose, non-productive, lab-rat-type fallacy was first launched. 

At the same time, they would have us believe that “the Community Foundation has commissioned a scientific poll of racial attitudes and preferences of Monroe County residents in partnership with the Democrat and Chronicle, run by the polling experts at Siena College” FOUR TIMES (2012, 2015, 2018, 2022), and supposedly, each time, according to their bleeding heart, non-productive fallacy they “have made progress in expanding and deepening people’s consciousness about racial inequity.” 

“As consciousness has changed, we also see a corresponding expansion of the possibilities that Monroe County residents are willing to embrace to achieve racial equity.” So, in light of clearly, continued worsening conditions for the Black masses in this city, which was declared (in 2019) to be the second worst place for African Americans to live in the entire United States, you decide whether or not the latter super-hyper rhetorical quote makes any sense, or has any validity at all. We don’t need another poll in order to answer that question authoritatively and definitively. The only significant difference relative to the second over-kill-article reference above, titled: ‘What Siena College poll tells us about diversity and inclusion in greater Rochester,’ written by the publication’s executive editor, is his fallacious claim that they have “sought to become more inclusive in [their] news coverage, in [their] community conversations.” Well, well, well… All we can say, after having literally scores of submissions rejected, and finally just giving up altogether is thank God for the Black Press.

~Take It Down Planning Committee/Faith Community Alliance Coalition Leadership Team – Their mission is to effectively impact individual, institutional and structural racism in significant, measurable, permanent way  by helping organize the local black community, and develop deep, principled, ongoing working relationships with anti-racist allies


Minister Clifford Florence

Chaplin Olivene Adams

Fred Tanksley

Mario Mongeon

Ashantey Curry

Howard Eagle