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Historic Local Group Offers Philanthropic Aid to Community

By Staff


ruthitesDiamondnique House of Ruth #6997, the female order of the Grand United Order of Oddfellows in America and Jurisdiction, is the singular GUOOF Household in the Rochester area, and the philanthropic organization is also accompanied by a brother lodge in the region.

Our mission is to assist the orphaned, our community and country, to strengthen and perpetuate the bonds of our fraternal order, to relieve the sick and distressed, to extend a helping hand and willing heart to our sisters and brothers as best we can, and to continually build and uphold the name of our Household and our Grand Order,” the group said in a statement. “Some of the local activities we participate in annually include the Memorial Day parade; distributing to food and clothing to the Open Door Mission and Sojourner House; distributing socks and gloves to the homeless; and our annual fundraisers.”

Peter Ogden founded GUOOF in 1843, according to the group’s website. He was a black sailor who was born in the West Indies, and served on the S.S. Patrick Henry.

Ogden instituted the first GUOOF Lodge in America, Philomathean Lodge No. 646, on Wednesday, March 1, 1843, with 48 members in New York City, after petitioning and receiving a warrant to do so from the Oddfellows of Manchester, England.

Subsequently, Patrick Reason, known to the group as The Patron Saint of Households, established the female branch of the order, the Household of Ruth, in 1858.

The Household of Ruth is based on the biblical Book of Ruth, hence the group’s fraternal name, Ruthites.

Diamondnique House of Ruth always welcomes motivated, loyal and committed women into our sisterhood,” the organization stated. “We believe in building one another up because we are better together. Look us up on Google, at Diamondnique House of Ruth 6997, or email us at”

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