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How Can We Prevent Car Crimes in Rochester?

Car crimes are sudden, violent, and unexpected. They occur when drivers let down their guard, then make themselves targets for criminals looking for prey. Theft, assault, and violent crimes are all real possibilities, as drivers make mistakes they don’t need to make. Going forward, the city of Rochester can prevent car crimes. Here are five ways residents can work to stop the problem.

Place Valuables Out of Sight

Thieves know the laws are tighter than ever. That’s why they go after targets where they can expect a reward. Valuable items, like electronics, jewelry, wrapped gifts, and packages will motivate a criminal to take action. To the criminal, the risk might be well worth the risk. Therefore, the city of Rochester can cut down on car crime by encouraging residents to cover their valuable items. Place them under a car seat or bury them under clothes. Thieves won’t break into a vehicle if they can’t see anything valuable.

Don’t Leave Identifying Information in the Vehicle

Leaving valuable information in your vehicle is a mistake, especially if you’re in a shady location. If someone breaks into your vehicle, you don’t want them to have your driver’s license or state identification, your car registration, and insurance information, or any documents and supporting information that could be used to steal your identity. Better to either choose a better parking space or carry the documents with you in person, just until you can find a place to secure them. Some parts of Rochester are dangerous enough that anywhere you park, your information left in your vehicle could be at risk of being stolen. The news is bad, especially if you think of the extent people will go to use dashboard cameras to capture video of the theft. Between 2014 and 2020, the global dashboard camera market was forecasted to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 15.3%. Still, that increase and the potential for dashboard cameras doesn’t mean a criminal won’t try hard to seize your identity.

Stay in Lighted Areas As Much As Possible

Because there is only so much you can do to deter determined criminals, you have to seize every opportunity to take control. Staying in lighted areas such as bus stops or strip malls will deter criminals from looking to get away with crimes they can commit without detection. You have light to identify and surprise an attacker. Additionally, where there is light there will be more people and activity. The more that’s happening around you, the safer you’ll be. Avoid dark alleys and unlit areas unless you’re able to move extremely fast. Criminals target people who they have time to study and surveil.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Your efforts at remaining safe won’t do much good if you don’t know where you are. If you’re downtown, you should have a general idea of where the police precinct is. Globally, 1.25 million people die in road crashes each year, and 20-50 million sustain injuries or permanent disabilities as a result of traffic collisions. So, you should know where to get medical attention. You should also know how to get around on foot for at least a five-block radius. Having a map, a smartphone with Google Maps, and an understanding of your neighborhood will put you at an advantage over less knowledgeable criminals. Moreover, knowing the location of important services will prevent you from having to wander around Rochester. Being aware of your surroundings is safer for everyone.

Don’t Leave Your Car Doors Unlocked

Don’t leave your car doors unlocked and turn your back. That’s the simplest way to keep your vehicle safe. Thieves can come from out of nowhere and act quickly, making off with your vehicle before you can react. Americans spend about 87 minutes a day in their cars. That means you’ll be eager to get out when you do, and once you’re on the street, you’re likely to let your guard down and make a mistake after driving for so long. Be conscious and double-check to make sure. You’ll never have to worry about regrets later.

How will the city of Rochester avoid more car crimes? When residents work together, to make themselves less of a target. When the community works to reach out to police to report suspicious activities. And when residents adopt basic behavior changes in the way they handle their vehicles. All of which are intended to keep them safe.