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How More Car Dealerships Are Marketing Vehicles To Latino Communities

Colorful Cars StockThe auto industry never seemed to differentiate between its consumers based on ethnicity, but it’s becoming clear that the Latino community isn’t just an important demographic for car manufacturers and dealerships — this group has actually been driving up car sales, and manufacturers have begun taking note.

According to a recent report by Automotive News, more car dealerships have begun conducting business in Spanish, and many dealers have even begun displaying vehicle videos on their websites that are geared toward the Latino community of buyers through the use of Spanish narration and subtitles.

These videos, which provide detailed information about specific vehicles, have begun playing a large role in consumers’ buying decisions in the automotive industry. According to Vice President Eley Duke III, speaking about his dealership in Suffolk, VA, there’s only a small Latino population in and around Suffolk — but the number of consumers preferring to do business in Spanish has risen substantially.

As Duke explained to Auto News, he began posting videos on his dealership’s website and on social media feeds “because he doesn’t want to lose a single sale to a language barrier.”

And considering that vehicles are becoming more affordable each year, having enough money to purchase a car is no longer the primary concern among consumers — meaning that the smallest of barriers, such as language preference, could very well deter someone from shopping at a certain dealership.

According to a report from 2014, the average price gap between new and used cars was a whopping $20,000; as more leased cars are returned to dealership lots, marking the end of a trend that began about two to three years ago, even consumers with tight budgets have plenty of choices when it comes to style, model, and extra features. Again, as dealerships are flooded with options for consumers, the smallest detail about the dealership itself could play a bigger role in sales than in previous years.

Although the Spanish video marketing trend is something that could fade over time, and although certain regions naturally have higher Spanish-speaking populations than others, it’s likely that the Latino community will continue to represent a significant portion of potential car buyers.