Saturday 28 January 2023
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How to Choose the Perfect Location for a Fall Wedding

If you’re having a wedding during the fall, you know there’s not a better time during the year to get married. With the changing leaf colors and the slight chill in the air, a luxury fall wedding can be everything you want it to be, as you say, “I do.” But before you join the 88% of Americans who marry for love, you need to find the perfect wedding venue.

Embracing the Season

One of the great things about fall weddings is that they’re perfect for every venue. Some of the most popular venues are:

Wineries: One of the best fall activities is wine tasting, and you can embrace it by getting married at your favorite vineyard. Most wineries are located in the scenic countryside, so you’ll have a great place for pictures.

Barns: Your dream luxury wedding may not include a barn at first glance, but it can be the perfect spot if you want a tastefully rustic wedding. If you check around, you’ll find many barn venues offer all-in packages, which can make planning much easier. A barn can also be a great tool in your kit if you’re holding an outdoor wedding and the forecast is looking so-so.

Orchards: Between cider, donuts, and changing leaves, an orchard can be the perfect spot for a fall wedding. If you get married later in the fall, perhaps in mid to late October, you may get optimum fall colors. This is because, as the days get shorter, leaves produce less chlorophyll, allowing the pretty shades of yellow, orange, and red pigments to appear.

What Do You Want

Your wedding will easily be one of the most memorable days of your life. As such, you really need to think about what it is you want during your big day. If you want to embrace the season, think about having your wedding at a barn, orchard, winery, or some other fall venue. This is a great choice if you want a more natural wedding because you’ll have great scenery and tons of greenery with millions of grass plants on just a quarter acre of lawn.

If you’re looking to have the most luxurious wedding money can buy, consider having a destination wedding. Having a wedding somewhere like Las Vegas or Hawaii will give you access to great scenery and all the best in decor, food, and anything else you need to make the day perfect.

Consult a Planner

If you can picture the pieces of your dream luxury fall wedding but don’t know how to turn them into reality, you should consider consulting a wedding planner. The odds are good they’ll be able to offer advice on everything, including flowers, decor, food, and location. If you’re looking to stay local, a wedding planner will know every potential wedding spot in your area and can give you a rundown on any location you’re considering. Once you’ve zeroed in on your location, they can help you plan everything else to make your dreams come true.

Make it Accessible

No matter which venue you pick for your perfect fall wedding, you need to make sure your guests, assuming you’re planning on having guests, can get there. Finding a country club on a golf course or a luxury hotel is easy, but a barn or orchard might be more difficult to locate. If you do plan a wedding in the countryside, make sure you tell people how to get there.

A fall wedding can be truly beautiful when the colors change and the weather works in your favor. To find the perfect venue for your fall wedding, think about what you want your big day to look like, who will be there, and where you want it to happen. Once you’ve checked all those boxes, you can find the perfect location to tie the knot.