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Ibero to Implement New Family Service Assistance Program at East High

ibero-logo-newThe Ibero-American Action League has been chosen to increase parent volunteerism, and overall family engagement strategies, at East High School for the 2014-15 school year, according to a press release from the agency.

Organization officials said the Rochester City School District Board of Education approved the resolution for the new Family Service Assistance Program Thursday, Oct. 30.

The program is scheduled to begin in December.

“This is our specialty,” said Ibero Associate Youth Director Jessica Wilson. “We know how to work with parents of all backgrounds, so they’re able to develop and maintain an active role in their child’s education. We teach mothers and fathers how to set goals for themselves, and their entire families, which enables both students and parents to work together toward common goals.”

The Family Service Assistance Program will provide prevention, intervention and mentoring programs for 12 to 18 year-olds and their families, using evidence-based models that focus on community-based approaches to the most successful practices, the press release stated.

Areas of concentration will include: teen health, education, youth workforce development and family service assistance.

In addition, some of the services Ibero will provide include:

• Four bilingual Family Service Assistants (FSAs), who will focus on providing support to families and students of East High School.

• The FSAs will work with parents and students to enhance their home and school relations, with the goal of improving attendance, addressing reasons for tardiness, reducing disciplinary referrals, increasing parent participation and linking families to community resources.

• The FSA Program will operate five days per week during the school year; FSAs will always be on-call should a crisis arise.

• Weekly meetings, phone calls and surveys will be used to maintain frequent, consistent contact.

“We’re actually getting a head start on our community partnership with the University of Rochester by implementing our program one year ahead of time,” said Chief Operating Officer Gladys Pedraza-Burgos. “We know our program is successful because we see the results with the families we currently serve every day, and we’re looking forward to seeing the same kind of results at East High School.”

Ibero is a dual-language nonprofit that teaches individuals of all backgrounds how to become self-sufficient through hands-on learning, the press release stated.

In addition, officials said Action for a Better Community recently awarded the dual-language nonprofit a Certificate of Excellence in three categories: Moving Families toward Self-Sufficiency, Increasing Parent Volunteerism, and Identifying and Enrolling Individuals and Families in GED programs.

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