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Jamie Romeo Elected Democratic Committee Chair

By Staff


Jamie RomeoJamie Romeo, 30, was elected as chairwoman of the Monroe County Democratic Committee Wednesday, July 29. Romeo had previously been executive director of MCDC, and chief of staff for former Sen. Ted O’Brien.

Democrats elected Romeo as a replacement for former chairman Dave Garretson, who stepped down from the position earlier this month, citing health concerns and family matters as the reasons.

Garretson’s resignation is one of many challenges local Democrats have faced this year, including having a smaller purse size than county Republicans, and receiving internal pushback from some African-American Democrats who’d said they felt disenfranchised on the committee.

According to reports, Democrats currently have about $62,000 in campaign funds, while Republicans have $503,906. In addition, several African-American Democrats had reportedly been no-shows for Wednesday’s vote.

However, Romeo said she’s up for the challenge.

“Part of my nature is to find a solution to problems,” Romeo stated.

Prior reports speculated Romeo had been a front runner for the position.

She sent a letter to committee members Wednesday asking for their votes.

“Our future is bright and with your support for our party and our candidates I’m sure we can achieve great things,” she stated.

Romeo is one of the youngest chairpersons to lead the Democratic party in recent history. Garretson is 62, and previous Democratic chairman and Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle is 58.

Romeo said she looks forward to bringing the voice of a new generation of Democrats to the party.