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Jordan Health Center Computers Show Signs of Attack

Anthony L. Jordan Health Center. File photo

Officials at Anthony L. Jordan Health Center said they hoped to have access to patient electronic medical records by March 2 after shutting down its network after a server showed signs of suspicious activity on Feb. 26.

In a news release on Feb. 27, Jordan officials said a forensic analysis showed no access to patient data, which is kept on a secure server.

Jordan officials said Feb. 28 that the entire network remained down as a precaution.

Jordan officials said its information technology team isolated what it called a ransomware attack and started an investigation. The health center is working with the FBI, and state authorities have been notified.

Jordan Health has remained open. Because the computers are down, patients are asked to bring their insurance card, all medications and a photo ID. Jordan officials said they are working around the clock to resolve the issue.