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Judge Dismisses Second-Degree Murder Charges in Charles Tan Case

By Staff


charles-tanMonroe County Court Judge James Piampiano has dismissed the second-degree murder charges against 20-year-old Charles Tan, a Pittsford resident.

In October, Tan’s first trial was declared a mistrial; he had been accused of killing his allegedly abusive father earlier this year.

Tan returned court on Nov. 5, and was in the preliminary stages of beginning his second trial.

However, Judge Piampiano reportedly shocked the courtroom by dismissing the charges against Tan Thursday, based on the prosecution’s failure to provide sufficient evidence in the case.

The courtroom, full of an audience of Tan supporters, reportedly cheered when the judge gave the news.

Tan’s defense attorneys said they were not surprised by the decision, especially given the fact prosecutors had never shown their client actually fired the gun that was involved in the case.

However, on the contrary, Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley said her office would be researching whether it’s possible to appeal the decision.

“This is prejudice within the criminal justice system,” Doorley told the Democrat and Chronicle. “This would have never happened to a city kid.”

Tan, currently a student at Cornell University, had been accused of shooting his father with a shotgun in February.