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Leaked Colin Powell Emails Criticize Trump as Disgrace,’ ‘International Pariah’

colin_powell_official_portraitEvery day, Americans are bombarded with emails; 60 billion emails are sent every day, 97% of which are spam. Sometimes, an email in that leftover three percent can be a real gem for reporters. Leaked emails have made headlines this year, and they’re making top stories again, as some pointed e-mails from former Secretary of State, Colin Powell, have just been leaked.

The messages have been shown to harshly criticize the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and his policies. In the emails, Powell categorizes Trump as a “national disgrace and international pariah.” Additionally, Powell mentions Trump-led Birther Movement — the theorists who claim Barack Obama was born outside of the U.S. and is therefore ineligible to be President — and labels it “racist.”

Up until now, Powell has largely been able to sidestep questions about Trump and whether or not he supported the Republican nominee. Now, there seems to be no question of his feelings about the Donald. Powell ridiculed Trump’s thought that he could win over the African-American population, calling the idea a “schizo fantasy.” He went on to say that Trump appeals only to “the worst angels of the GOP nature and poor white folks.”

True to form, the Republican nominee was quick to tweet his dislike towards Powell, and promises that “we can do much better!”

Admittedly, Colin Powell also expressed frustrations aimed at Hillary Clinton, who indicated that her email practices — which recently landed her in hot water — came from Powell. In both the leaked emails and in public, Powell has contested this, stating that Clinton alone was responsible. He added that he had instructed Clinton and her staff to come clean two years prior and to not involve him in her mistake.

This recent email leak did not mark the first time Powell’s private messages became public. In 2013, a Romanian hacker accessed Powell’s email account, as well as accounts belonging to members of the Bush family. One of Powell’s aides verified the accuracy of these recently leaked emails, but refused to comment further.

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