Tuesday 29 November 2022
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Legend or Legacy?

Op/Ed By James Clingman


james_clingman( – One thing that prevents us from moving forward, economically and otherwise, is ego. Many of our leaders are unwilling to elevate the collective in favor of their individual selfish desires. We see it in our social organizations, our political circles, and in our churches. Those in leadership positions refuse to work with others for fear of losing their status or not being in the spotlight, behind the microphone, or in camera-shot at a press conference. Those kinds of individuals are focused on being legends rather than leaving a true legacy for the benefit of future generations.

Building one’s self up as a legend rather than, or at least in addition to building a legacy, is both short-sighted and detrimental to our people. We end up with a lot of bluster but nothing substantive to show for our rhetoric. Take a look back in history and see Black leaders who built legacies that are still helping our people. You will find a pantheon of ancestors who selflessly devoted their lives to uplift Black people.

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