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Legendary African-American Skateboarder Facing Serious Legal Issues

skateboarding legsNyjah Huston is notorious for his flowing dreadlocks, but now he’s just dreading a potential lockdown.

According to TMZ, the 20-year-old world champion skateboarder, a devout Rastafarian of mixed descent, has forced law enforcement in his hometown to “ramp” up the charges being brought against him for a host of criminal activity since 2013.

Cops have reportedly been called to Huston’s house over 20 times since 2014 for noise complaints, and his mansion has become a frequent destination for police in San Juan Capistrano, CA.

To make matters worse, Huston was caught riding his motorcycle on private property during May, which carries a trespassing charge. This latest transgression is causing many to speculate that the skater could be facing serious jail time.

“He’s not a fan favorite for his repeated issues,” a law enforcement officer told the gossip website.

About 61% of skateboarders have only been riding for one to four years, but Huston is a lifelong student of the sport. According to his Wikipedia page, the phenom began skating at age four and never looked back.

Unfortunately, he also seems to be a lifelong student of the party scene, and his misbehavior is well-documented.

The OC Register reported on Huston’s troubles about a year ago, noting that neighbors would constantly call to have tow trucks remove the dozens of cars that would line their streets.

There were so many noise complaints from Huston’s home in the span of one year that the police department began working with the DA to bring public nuisance charges against him, which is where he got his reputation with local officers.

Huston is due in court in October to answer a plethora of criminal charges including three counts of disturbing the peace, two counts of resisting a peace officer, four counts of public nuisance, and one count of trespassing.

Hopefully the young skater can wise up and do a “180” to turn his life around before something more serious happens.