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Letter to the Editor: Loss of a Bridge Between Community and RPD

Bijaya Khadka takes photo with RPD Officer Moses Robinson. Photo from

Today I became aware of what I believe is a huge mistake in addressing community relations between the Rochester Police Department and minority community leaders. It is my understanding that Officer Moses Robinson has been removed from his position as Community Liaison between the RPD and minority groups throughout the city.

I met Moses about 5 years ago. Since that time, he has invited me to community meetings, prayer meetings, and various other events organized by him. Together we have also organized various community outreach activities in an effort to better the relationship between RPD and the community. It was obvious that these events were designed to bring the community leaders and the police together in open, constructive dialog. 

During these 5 years, I have watched as he has inserted himself onto the Boards of various civic organizations. His objective is to find ways to bring these groups together to address opportunities to leverage their organizations for greater community impact. I have also taken the opportunity to do a “ride-along” and have witnessed him interface with members of the city’s minority community. 

Much of what I have seen Moses involve himself in has been on his own time. Losing someone like him that has the passion he has for building bridges between local government (RPD)_and minority groups would be a travesty. 


A Concerned member of the community


Bijaya Khadka is a social advocate, entrepreneur and the Founder and CEO of House of Refuge in Rochester, NY. He is President of Rochester’s International Community, where through community activism and volunteerism creates better-living conditions for everyone. Through his ground-breaking endeavors he has developed relationships with various community groups, non-profit organizations and government officials in several capacities. In 2017, he was selected as a youth delegate at the United Nations. Bijaya, is a leader and speaker and graduate of Theology at Elim Bible College and currently studying Political Science and Sociology at Brockport State University. 

He can be contacted at his email at , or