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Local Leaders Unveil the New AT&T Digital Learning Lab to Help Bridge the Digital Divide & Homework Gap in Rochester

In the Community: From Cameron Community Ministries

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As part of its commitment to address the digital divide and bridge the homework gap, AT&T has teamed up with the Urban League of Rochester and (CCM) to open a new state-of -the-art AT&T Digital Learning Lab @ CCM in the City of Rochester, which will provide computers, digital literacy education tools, mentoring and internet access for children and adults who face digital literacy barriers that threaten to undermine their long-term success.  

The new lab was unveiled on June 21 at CCM, located at 48 Cameron St, Rochester with leadership from the partnering organizations, local students, Rochester Mayor Malik Evans, State Senator Jeremy Cooney, Assembly Member Harry Bronson and Assembly Member Demond Meeks. 

In Rochester it’s estimated that more than 9,000 K-12 students are impacted by the digital divide and don’t have connectivity or the internet-enabled devices they need at home.

 The AT&T Digital Learning Lab @ CCM is a collaboration between AT&T, the Urban League and CCM and will provide underserved students and families on Rochester’s west side a new place to access critical digital devices and connectivity, thanks to a significant contribution from AT&T. 

AT&T created the New York Digital Literacy Lab initiative to help provide connectivity and access to technology in digital deserts across the Empire State. 

In 2022, the company will launch five new Labs across the state in partnership with regional Urban Leagues, educational non-profits, and Boys & Girls Clubs to help ensure some of the state’s most vulnerable students and families have access to computers, internet and digital support at afterschool programs and on weekends.

CCM is an Urban Outreach Community Center in the Lyell-Otis Neighborhood of Rochester. Its mission is to work with neighborhood residents and partners to create a vibrant and thriving community through empowerment and advocacy while meeting basic needs.