Saturday 28 January 2023
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Local Restaurant Shows Appreciation To Jordan’s First Responders Amid COVID Pandemic

By Tyronda James

Lorna Underwood, owner, Caribbean Heritage Restaurant

With the coronavirus, frontline workers and the essential workers are at the risk every day. Lorna Underwood, owner of Caribbean Heritage Restaurant, was inspired to honor first responders during the COVID-19 pandemic. She chose to honor a nearby medical facility on the city’s west side by sending lunch for the entire staff, Friday.

“Our inspiration was to help and just donate back to the community in these crazy times. It’s been such a challenge. …especially the medical staff… with COVID and then trying to navigate how to stay alive. As well as take care of the patients,” Lorna said.

“We thought, anyway, we could, if we could help as a restaurant. We decided to choose you guys to donate some of our good food and say, thank you for all that you do in the community. And especially now,” Lorna said.

Jordan Health’s Woodward Center was the facility on the receiving end of that act of kindness. Lorna Underwood, co-owner with husband Jerome Underwood, President and CEO at Action for a Better Community, Inc., chose the nearby health center to thank with a meal. The family-owned restaurant is located at 719 South Plymouth Avenue, Rochester, NY 14608.

Lorna said they opened a year ago on March 8 and we were in the process of getting ready to celebrate their first year.

“You know, things went well. First year in the business and then Corona hits and it just took so many lives. It was just, it was hard to watch and see, is it just a lot?” Lorna said.

Lorna Underwood, said this is their way of saying thank you to the people who have been working the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Because so often they don’t get any community support,” said Lorna. “We needed to support our community. We work here.”

So, we just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for all that you do. And continue to do.”

Practice Manager Joyce Land at the Jordan Health Center, Woodward Center located at 480 Genesee Street in the city of Rochester.

“Here at Jordan, we appreciate everything we do from the patients. We here work as a family. …we just love giving back to the community and working in the community,” said Land.

“We thank you and we appreciate you. We sure do,” said Lane.

The restaurant’s exquisite cuisine and its aroma was in the atmosphere and an abundance of thanks and gratitude echoed throughout.

The staff at Jordan Health said thank you’s and expressed their appreciation. “Thank you so much,” said Jordan staff.

The vision, they create an environment where people can enjoy high quality authentic Caribbean food while learning about Caribbean history and culture.

First responders need to be recognized on an ongoing basis. Today, we had the pleasure of showing some love to the staff at Jordan Health’s Woodward Health Center on Genesee Street.

Before Covid-19 and social distancing practices were mandated, Caribbean Heritage often had events with the community in mind and they have continued.

Lorna said the restaurant will be celebrating fathers and that next month they are having a father’s day take out brunch.

“We try to celebrate Dad’s as well. And next month is also Caribbean-American Heritage Month. We’re going to be doing some celebrations as well.”

The restaurant’s Father’s Day Take Out Brunch will take place on Sunday, June 21 from 11 AM – 4 PM.

Further information regarding the restaurant’s Father Day celebration and any future events can be found on their Facebook page at

Currently, the restaurant is open only for take-out and Grubhub deliveries.

“We are open. Presently, we are open Thursday, Friday, Saturdays from 12 from 7 because we had to adjust our schedule, said Lorna. “So you can call. Just call, place your order and then pick it up.”

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