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Mayor: Carousel Image is Teachable Moment

By Staff


mr local carousel racistMayor Lovely Warren has announced she will discuss with city council what to do about a controversial image uncovered last week on the Dentzel Carousel at Ontario Beach Park.

Anti-racism activists have said the 110-year-old carousel features a crude drawing of African-American children on one of the top panels, which could be considered racist.

“I think that history’s important,” Mayor Warren stated. “We have to recognize that these images represent a time in our community that we shouldn’t forget about in American culture.”

Warren said one possible solution may be to put a sign up explaining why the image may be considered offensive.

“I think that this is a teachable moment for our young people that go there,” she stated. “It’s an opportunity for them to learn about history. It’s a teachable moment.”

Currently, the carousel, which is owned by the city and operated by Monroe County, has been designated as a historic landmark. In addition, county officials have reportedly said any changes to the carousel will require approval from the city’s preservation board.