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Mayor Evans Provides Update on Gun Violence State of Emergency

In the Community: City of Rochester News Release

Photo by Serge van Neck on Unsplash.

Rochester Mayor Malik D. Evans declared a Gun Violence State of Emergency on July 21, due to the City’s violence uptick. 

today shared an update on the City’s anti-violence efforts since he declared a Gun Violence State of Emergency in the City of Rochester on July 21. 

The City has provided an update and said its partners are dedicating all possible resources to address current levels of deadly violence and prevent it from expanding. The work continues to focus on three key strategies: Prevention, Intervention and Suppression. 

“We are approaching this State of Emergency as the public health crisis that it is,” said Evans. “I will continue to provide regular updates in an effort to maintain a spotlight on this issue and also to ensure that our good work and progress is being reported just as much as the incidents of violence making headlines.”

On the suppression side of the equation, the RPD has expanded its targeted, geographic approach to increase enforcement activity in micro-hot spots that are experiencing disproportionate levels of violence. 

The RPD’s traffic unit is implementing a focused concentration on ATVs; its mounted patrol has been redeployed to areas of concern; and a command post has been established at the International Plaza at La Marketa with foot patrols added to the area. 

In addition, RPD partnered with PathStone and IBERO and held a Walking One-Stop on August 10 at International Plaza, to provide community members with access to services, education and resources.

The RPD continues to work with its federal partners to address the proliferation of illegal guns on the streets – removing 475 illegal guns from Rochester’s streets since the beginning of the year. 

In the last three weeks, the City’s Law Department has reacted quickly to illegal activity and violence at local businesses. Within days of each reported incident, the team shut down two places of business and restricted another’s operations. 

Violence prevention and intervention efforts continue. The City’s Department of Recreation and Human Services held its second R-Night Out, which was attended by more than one hundred youth at the Rochester Community Sports Complex. 

On August 20, the City will hold its second Total Health and Wellness Fair, connecting attendees to healthcare, mental health, food and shelter, violence prevention, and other crucial resources. 

The Mayor’s Office of Violence Prevention Services team is continuing their work through Pathways to Peace, the Office of Neighborhood Safety, and the Peacemakers Fellowship. The Rochester Peace Collective has accepted responses to its Request For Proposals (RFP) and will begin selecting partners for funding. The Office of Neighborhood Safety will host a back-to-school peace party on August 27 in the Northwest.

Pursuant to N.Y. State Executive Law Section 24 (1) and (2) the Mayor of Rochester issued the Proclamation of a Local State of Emergency effective July 21, 2022, due to a gun violence emergency. The Proclamation gives the Mayor broad powers to protect life and property and to bring the emergency under control. 

With each 30-day renewal of the Proclamation, the City will continue to assess violence patterns in city neighborhoods to develop and launch a suite of violence-prevention strategies enabled by the expanded authority it provides.