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Mayor Lovely A. Warren Officially Dedicates Tyshaun Cauldwell R-Center for Hope:

The city of Rochester officially renames the Campbell Street R-Center in memory of ten-year-old Tyshaun Cauldwell, who was struck down by a stray bullet while riding his bike on June 29, 2001 near his Kondolf Street home.

The facility, located at 524 Campbell St., will now be known as the Tyshaun Cauldwell R-Center for Hope.

On the day of dedication, Mayor Warren was accompanied by Tyshaun’s mother, Charlotte Freeman, as well as his grandmother and nephew. Also in attendance was the Commissioner of the City’s Department of Recreation and Youth Services Daniele Lyman-Torres.

Those who knew Tyshaun will now be able to see this foundation as not only a building but also a remembrance of what joy he brought to those around him.

“Tyshaun was a young man full of promise and hope. His death, caused by a senseless act of violence, is a tragedy that we must never forget” Mayor Warren said. But his death also caused this community to galvanize and make positive change. Because of Tyshaun, we know that we can overcome our toughest challenges if we work together. That was Tyshaun’s final gift to us, and we must always remember it, as well as the significant impact his all-too-brief life had on our city.”

A press release issued by the city noted “Tyshaun was kind, respectful and a fun-loving child who would have entered fourth grade at Enrico Fermi School 17 had he lived. His senseless death sparked community outrage, and neighbors banded together and turned their anger into action.”

As a result, a Master Plan was developed for the neighborhood, “the JOSANA neighborhood association was created, and the model of community schooling was implemented at School 17.”

The devastating loss of Tyshaun inspired residents to effect change and gave hope to the community, resulting in a positive transition for the area and a stronger, healthier neighborhood.

A permanent plaque will hang inside the R-Center in tribute to Tyshaun.