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Mayor Warren Announces Bid for Re-Election

By Staff –



Mayor Lovely Warren has announced that she will run for a second term as mayor.

The mayor told a packed crowd at Brue Coffee house on Genesee St. Monday that, although she faces a possible primary from three additional opponents in the mayoral race, as well as a potential lack of support from the local Democratic party, she remains committed to securing another four-year term in the city’s top post.

“There are some, and maybe in our own Democratic Party, that didn’t want us to succeed,” Mayor Warren stated. “Even after we won the primary, they continued to try to defeat us. And, these same people are at it again.”

Warren made references to her initial run in 2013, when several members of her campaign, as well as some of her close political allies, accused some members of the local Democratic party of continuing to throw support behind her opponent, former Mayor Tom Richards, even after she’d won the primary.

“But, I will go through the designation process, because – despite those people – I believe in the Democratic process,” the mayor said.

Warren also noted several of her administration’s accomplishments since she’s been in office, which included an increase in both commercial and neighborhood development projects, a reduction in crime rates which recently brought the rate to a 30-year low, and a decrease in the area’s unemployment rate, which the mayor said dropped from 9 percent in 2013, to 6 percent since she’s been in office.

“No one can take away all that we have accomplished together,” the mayor stated. “We said we would focus on crime, and we did. We brought crime to a 30-year low…We said we would bring jobs to our community, and we did – unemployment in Rochester went from 9 percent to 6 percent. We added 22,000 jobs, and retained 8,000 others.”

Warren also mentioned her roots in the Rochester community, and thanked her supporters for believing in her for the last three years.

“Thank you all for believing in me,” Mayor Warren stated. “Continue to believe in our city.”

Two of Warren’s opponents, Monroe County Legislator and former Police Chief James Sheppard, and former WROC-TV news anchor Rachel Barnhart, also released statements, following the mayor’s announcement Monday.

“I have been watching with growing alarm as our city government continues to flounder, making little if any headway on issues such as police and community relations, rampant violence, decaying relationships with neighborhood organizations, and the lack of progress on jobs, poverty and education,” Sheppard stated.

In addition, “I hope Warren and James Sheppard present serious plans to reduce poverty, and grow the economy,” Barnhart said. “So far, our campaign is the only one that has put forth transformative and comprehensive proposals to make Rochester a city of opportunity.”

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