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Mayor Warren Announces New Traffic Court for City Residents

By Staff –


Wooden GavelMayor Lovely Warren announced the New York State Legislature has recently approved a bill that will allow Rochester to establish a local traffic court, similar to the court system in surrounding areas, in order to give city residents more flexibility in the adjudication of traffic violations.

“This is about fairness,” Mayor Warren stated. “If a citizen gets a traffic ticket anywhere else in Monroe County, they are given more flexibility, which could include working out a payment plan, or pleading to a lesser charge. Currently, in Rochester, citizens do not have these options. This can result in citizens losing their driving privileges, which impairs their ability to get jobs and access quality educational opportunities. Let me be clear – residents will still have to pay their fines. Thanks to the New York State Legislature acting on this issue, residents of the city will now be afforded the same flexibility as citizens in suburban towns such as Brighton or Gates.”

Mayor Warren proposed the measure last year, and the legislature passed the bill this month. The bill will go to Gov. Andrew Cuomo for approval next.

State Sen. Joseph Robach, and Assemblyman David Gantt introduced the bill this session based on the mayor’s proposal, and the measure passed the Senate on June 8, and the Assembly on June 19.

“I was proud to sponsor and support this legislation because I believe strongly in local autonomy and local governance,” Robach stated. “By approving a dedicated traffic court for the city of Rochester, logjams that currently exist in our court system will be broken up, and will provide drivers in our community with their fair day in court.”

The new law will apply to traffic infractions such as speeding, running a red light or failure to signal, but not parking violations. It will take effect 270 days after Gov. Cuomo signs it.

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