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Mayor Warren Creates New Office of Community Wealth Building

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Mayor-Lovely-Warren-web (2)Mayor Lovely Warren has announced the creation of a new Office of Community Wealth Building, which will work closely with the city’s Office of Innovation and Strategic Initiatives in an effort to promote economic equality in Rochester.

Mayor Warren pledged to address the issue of economic inequality in the city during the inauguration of her second term in office earlier this month.

“Too many of our citizens are missing out on Rochester’s economic recovery,” Mayor Warren said. “The Office of Community Wealth Building will give us another opportunity to invest in our people, so we can achieve genuine equality through economic equality. By working closely with our partners across the city, this office will bolster our efforts to create more jobs, safer/more vibrant neighborhoods, and better educational opportunities.”

According to Warren, the goal of the office will be to develop policies that combine existing government programs with the business community, the non-profit sector, and educational institutions, in order to help city residents build personal wealth and achieve equal pay for equal work.

The office will also work with community organizations to provide financial literacy education for residents and small business owners, and serve as the city’s liaison to the Market Driven Community Co-ops (MDCC) initiative.

Rochester’s concept will be modeled after Virginia’s  Office of Community Wealth Building, which former Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones created to prevent poverty in the area.

Brittany Wells, the former neighborhood liaison in the city’s Office of Constituent Services, will lead the initiative.

In addition, William Bradley Willows will also serve as a bilingual executive staff assistant for the program.

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