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Mayor Warren Delivers 2016 State of the City Address

By Staff


Mayor WarrenMayor Lovely Warren gave her 2016 State of the City address April 13, at the Genesee Brewhouse. The expansion of the brewery was one of the city’s latest accomplishments Mayor Warren touted in her speech Wednesday evening.

The city is currently supporting Genesee Brewhouse in a $39 million expansion effort which is slated to bring 250 new jobs to the area.

The mayor compared the company’s renewal to the planned renewal of Rochester.

“A once great company staggered, but it regained its stride and is once again leading its industry,” Warren stated. “A great city that in some ways lost its footing has once again regained its stride.”

The mayor also cited the federal government’s plan to establish Rochester as the “photonics capital of the world,” along with Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s Upstate Revitalization Initiative, which is expected to bring 1,400 jobs to the area.

She also pledged to re-establish the failed “La Marketa” project on N. Clinton Ave., and help the House of Mercy build a new facility to help the homeless.

“This year, I will ask city council to make a firm commitment to getting the “La Marketa” project underway, and we will work with our community partners to bring strategic housing investments into this important neighborhood,” she stated. “And, working alongside Conifer Realty and Assemblyman Gantt’s Office, we are finally building the House of Mercy a home that they deserve – where they can continue to do God’s work in serving our homeless population.”

Warren also said the city has submitted a $1 million grant application to the Regional Economic Development Council, to begin reconstruction of the northern portion of the Inner Loop, similarly to the construction happening along the Eastern portion of the Inner Loop.

“Our neighbors to the north deserve the same attention,” the mayor stated. “Thus, we must insist that the Inner Loop North be filled in next.”

Most notably, Warren mentioned she’s recently requested the state commissioner of education and the Board of Regents establish a special receivership district, apart from the city school district, to provide comprehensive administration with failing schools that may fall under receivership.

According to the mayor, this may ultimately affect up to 28 schools in the school district, and, although she said she should have a role in the administration of the district, she stressed she is not currently seeking mayoral control.

“I am simply asking to be part of the solution,” Warren stated.

Mayor Warren ended her speech by urging the audience to join her in reclaiming bright history of Rochester.

“We are Rochester,” Warren said. “And our future is as bright as our past.”

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