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Mayor Warren Delivers 2017 State of The City Address

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Mayor-Lovely-Warren-web (2)Mayor Lovely Warren delivered her 2017 State of the City address April 24, as she nears the end of her first term as mayor, and readies a run for re-election.

“I’m proud of the progress that we’ve made, and the progress that we will continue to make,” Mayor Warren stated. “Four years ago, I stood before you, and I asked you to believe in our future. …Well, I’m here to tell you that we are getting it done. We are on the right track.”

The mayor touted the city’s construction of new downtown development projects, and increased job creation during her administration’s tenure, citing the city’s recent plan to build a new performing arts center in Midtown’s Parcel 5 location, as well as the Inner Loop East project.

According to Warren, the city has created and retained a total of 30,000 jobs during her time in office, and 50,000 people are currently working downtown. In addition, other city neighborhoods are also experiencing job growth, the mayor said.

“In the last three years, working together, we have created or retained more than thirty-thousand jobs across the entire city, ensuring that the flame of our city is burning even brighter,” Mayor Warren stated. “Unemployment in Rochester has gone from 9 percent to 6 percent. Downtown is the place of work for almost 50,000 people, making it the largest employment center in our nine-county region. But, thousands more people are working all across our city in our neighborhoods. And, those job centers are just as important as downtown.”

Warren also noted the city’s crime rate has fallen to its lowest rate in 30 years under her watch, and she mentioned her participation in early childhood intervention efforts, as a way to help lift city students’ future graduation rates.

“The most serious crimes in Rochester are at a 30-year low,” the mayor stated. “And, shootings last year went down more than 22 percent. That was a point of focus last year, and I am thankful for our success.”

Warren said the city will continue its efforts to reduce crime, and create better police-community relations.

“I’m proud to say, under the leadership of Chief Michael Ciminelli, the Rochester Police Department is holding people accountable who operate outside of department protocols, and working with the community like never before,” she stated.

However, despite the mayor’s highlight of her administration’s successes, Monroe County Legislator James Sheppard and former WROC-TV news anchor Rachel Barnhart, the two candidates Warren will face during a primary election in September, disputed several of the administration’s accomplishments.

“Most projects Warren just took credit for were the product of other administrations,” Shepard said in a Twitter post on Monday.

And, “Warren’s not talking about the Rochester I know,” Barnhart stated on her website following the address. “The Rochester I know is not working for everyone. Warren demonstrated tonight she has no plan to deal with these issues.”

Republican mayoral candidate Tony Micciche and independent candidate Lori Thomas also said the mayor had exaggerated her administration’s accomplishments during the speech.

Nonetheless, Mayor Warren ended her address with a message of hope, saying she plans to continue to reinvigorate the city, going forward.

“I ask you to continue to join with us as we re-ignite our city,” she stated. “Don’t extinguish the flame of hope, the flame of promise. The flame that allows all of our citizens to realize the American dream.”

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