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Mayor Warren Launches “100 Cities to Reduce Gun Violence” Initiative

By Staff


Mayor WarrenMayor Lovely Warren has invited mayors from across the country to recognize June as Gun Violence Awareness Month (GVAM), following the mass shooting in Orlando, Florida last week.

According to the city, Mayor Warren has asked at least 100 U.S. mayors to sign a petition at, in an effort to keep issues of gun violence in the forefront.

“As mayors, we understand that gun violence plagues each of our cities,” Warren wrote in a letter to the mayors. “Gun violence victimizes families, public safety officers, and neighborhoods. Local governments are on the front lines. Our citizens are in the trenches. June is national Gun Violence Awareness Month (“GVAM”), and the time for action could not be more pressing. Our nation’s mayors must address gun violence in a meaningful way.”

City officials said Warren has created the initiative, called “100 Cities to Reduce Gun Violence,” in hopes of bringing more than 100 U.S. cities on board by the end of June.

And, in addition to signing the petition, she has also asked the mayors to recommend five ideas which can reduce gun violence, which she said she will share with all contributors; and to recruit at least five additional cities that will designate June 2017 as GVAM.

Visit to view the mayor’s petition, and  to learn more about the initiative.

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