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Mayor Warren Pledges to Bring Economic Equality to Rochester During Second Term

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mayor second termMayor Lovely Warren has pledged to bring economic equality to the city of Rochester during her second term in office, citing visionary leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Joseph C. Wilson, the founder of Xerox Corp., as inspiration for her efforts.

“With God’s grace and His mercy, we will pick up where Dr. King and Mr. Wilson left off, and try to bring true economic equality to Rochester,” Mayor Warren stated at her inauguration ceremony. “Together, we will work to create in Rochester a living example of the powerful but unfinished legacy of these great men.”

Warren was sworn in during a ceremony at Kilbourn Hall at the Eastman School of Music Jan. 1, and the mayor credited a recent report conducted by the city’s Office of Innovation and Strategic Initiatives and the Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative as the catalyst for her decision.

According to the report, unfair wages currently cause many city residents to live in poverty, even if they work full time jobs.

“That’s just wrong – and has to stop,” Mayor Warren stated. “As long as I am the mayor of this city, Rochester will demand equal pay for equal work.”

Warren also noted her first-term accomplishments during the speech, citing capital projects at the Inner Loop East and the Port of Rochester Marina; investments in challenged neighborhoods including the Hudson Ave. and JOSANA areas; and the city’s entrepreneurship and employment initiatives like Kiva and VanPool.

The mayor promised to remain dedicated to solving the city’s issues surrounding poverty and economic inequality.

“Like Dr. King and Mr. Wilson, I am not satisfied,” Mayor Warren said. “My work – our work – is not finished.”

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