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Mayor Warren Raises Minimum Wage to $15 Per Hour for City Employees

By Staff


mayor_lovely-warren-300x1961Mayor Lovely Warren announced she will raise the minimum wage for city workers to $15 per hour, at a joint press conference with Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Nov. 18.

The action will take effect at the beginning of the city’s next fiscal year, the governor’s office stated, and then follow the phased-in schedule of the governor’s proposal for a statewide, all-industry $15 minimum wage by 2021.

At least 116 city employees will benefit from the increase.

“I have strongly supported the ‘Fight for $15’ movement and, to be consistent, I believe I cannot advocate for one thing in the private sector, without applying that same standard at City Hall,” Warren stated. “City employees should earn a wage that enables them to provide for their families’ needs. We cannot apply a standard to others, and then exempt ourselves, so I intend to work with City Council to fully implement a universal $15 per hour minimum wage for all city workers by 2021.”

Warren’s announcement comes on the heels of Cuomo’s recent decision raise the minimum wage for state employees to $15 per hour on the same schedule.

“A full-time worker who earns the minimum wage today is still left very far from a decent living – that’s not right, and it’s time that changed,” Cuomo stated. “Raising the minimum wage is about fairness and justice. It’s about giving hard-working people an opportunity to support themselves, and their families. I’m proud to be leading by example, alongside Mayor Warren and City Council President Loretta Scott, as we build momentum across the state for a policy that will change lives, and I urge the state legislature to help us fight for fair pay for all workers.”

View the full press conference below: