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Mayor Lovely Warren Wins Re-Election; Democrats Victorious in Local Races

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Democratic Mayor Lovely Warren easily won re-election on Nov. 7, defeating four of her political opponents by earning 60 percent of the vote.

Warren won 17,751 votes, while Republican Tony Micciche received 5,504 votes, or 18 percent of the vote.

Micciche placed first among Green Party candidate Alex White, Independent candidate Lori Thomas and Working Families Party candidate James Sheppard in the race.

Democrats were also victorious in city council and school board races, including incumbent City Council members Loretta Scott and Jackie Ortiz, along with new city council members Mitch Gruber, Malik Evans and Willie Lightfoot.

Evans had previously served as a Rochester City School Board member, and Lightfoot had been a member of the Monroe County Legislature.

Voters also returned Democratic incumbents Van Henri White and and Cynthia Elliot to the RCSD School Board, as well as new Democratic member Natalie Sheppard.

Democratic challenger Todd Baxter also unseated Republican incumbent Patrick O’Flynn in the race for Monroe County Sheriff, and Democrat Howard Maffucci has won a seat in the Monroe County Legislature, although the legislature still remains largely Republican.

Warren noted Democrats’ accomplishments during her victory speech on Tuesday, both local and nationally, in races across the country.

“The Democratic party didn’t just win here in Monroe County,” Warren said to supporters. “We won in Virginia and New Jersey. All across the United States of America, we won because good hard-working people like all of you are sick of politics of division and exclusion. And no voters were more loyal to our ideals as Democrats than the party in the city of Rochester.”

Democrats won national gubernatorial races in both Virginia and New Jersey on Tuesday.

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