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MCC Investigates Placement of Racist Stickers on Campus


By Staff –

mcc_brighton_front_entryMonroe Community College is investigating the placement of racist stickers representing the alt-right movement on its Brighton Campus.

The alt-right is a political movement associated with white nationalism.

According to MCC, the school has removed several cartoon “Pepe the Frog” stickers (alt-right symbols) from around the school’s campus.

One was removed from a banner that was advertising a summer study abroad course for students.

“There’s two levels of inappropriateness here,” MCC spokeswoman Cynthia Mapes said, according to an article in the Democrat and Chronicle. “It certainly is a symbol of racism, and that has no place here at MCC. And it violates our protocol … and our code of conduct. We consider it an act of vandalism and we are investigating that.”

MCC officials have also previously addressed the issue of racsim on campus, after one of the school’s students used a racial slur on Twitter in October.

“I am committed to assuring MCC lives up to our values for all members of our community.” MCC president Anne Kress said at the time.” 

The school is currently investigating this latest instance of racism, as alt-right propaganda has increasingly been appearing on college campuses across the country, Mapes said.

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