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Measles Outbreak In Rochester Worsens With Fourth Case Confirmed In Spencerport

The fourth case of measles was confirmed in Spencerport on January 31. This information comes less than one week following the diagnosis of two children from Canal View Elementary.

According to reports made by the Monroe County Department of Public Health, the newest child suffering from this illness is actually a neighbor of the two aforementioned children. This brings the number of measles cases up to four in Monroe County.

Although it was once thought that the outbreak in New York was limited to areas downstate, this infection has spread throughout other areas.

Before measles vaccinations were commonplace, there were an estimated 400 to 500 people who became infected each year. Now that vaccinations have become required for children before they enter the school system, this number has drastically declined.

However, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that only 97% of children were vaccinated against measles in the 2017 – 2018 school year.

This number is likely falling as parents find loopholes to prevent their children from receiving the necessary vaccination. Unvaccinated children will spread this highly-contagious disease to other unvaccinated individuals, including babies who are too young to be vaccinated.

It’s estimated that the average general physician will encounter upward of 3,500 visits annually, but through claims regarding religious reasons, personal reasons, and health reasons, some parents have prevented their children from seeing such physicians to receive vaccinations against harmful diseases.

In Rockland County alone, nearly 130 cases of measles have been confirmed since October. Orange County also reports a confirmed 10 cases. Along with the confirmed cases in Monroe County, Erie County has also confirmed one case of the measles.

“The state Department of Health, and local health officials in Rockland and Orange counties and New York City, the public health response to the current measles outbreak …. has been unprecedented. We will continue our aggressive, multi-pronged response, until it is clear the outbreak has been contained,” claims health department member, Gary Holmes.

Even if you’re one of the 20% of consumers who drink green tea, this herbal concoction won’t be enough to keep the measles at bay. The best way to prevent contracting measles is by getting up-to-date vaccinations and recognizing the early signs of a measles infection.

Signs include a sore throat, rash, runny nose, and fever. Though it might seem like a cold at first, the presence of a red rash across the body will confirm if measles is present. Should you suffer from any of these symptoms, you’re urged to stay home to prevent the spread of the infection. Call your local health care provider to report the illness and get the proper treatment.

For now, the fourth child suffering from measles in Monroe County is on quarantine in their home to stop the infection from spreading.