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Miner, Officials Seek Funds to Spend on Infrastructure

miner_infracture2Mayor Stephanie Miner, as well as New York state Senators John DeFrancisco and David Valesky, Assemblyman Al Stirpe, and Town of Cazenovia Highway Superintendent Tim Hunt, among others, held a press conference Dec. 9 to raise awareness of the infrastructure needs for communities, city officials stated.

Rebuild NY Now, a coalition of industry groups and trade unions, organized the event in an effort to garner part of the $5 billion settlement New York state has been slated to receive, to spend on infrastructure.

The state will receive the money as a result of banks and insurance companies who reportedly violated state banking laws which led to the 2008 crisis in the economy.

And, according to Valesky, infrastructure will be a primary concern for the state Legislature puts when it puts together its spring budget.

In addition, Miner recently sent Gov. Andrew Cuomo a billion-dollar agenda in response to his request for proposals regarding how to spend money for a planned Upstate New York investment fund, asking for $726 million to replace Syracuse water mains.