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Notice to Bidders: Sealed bids will be received by the Director, Onondaga County Division of Purchase for Onondaga Community College for the project as described in this Document and according to the Instructions to Bidders. Regulatory Requirements: The General Municipal Law of New York State shall govern submittal, opening, and award of bids. Project Identification: Ferrante Hall Classroom. Project Location: Onondaga Community College, Ferrante Hall, 4585 W Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse, NY 13215. Owner: Onondaga Community College. Owner's Representative: Kristen Clinch, Facilities Project Manager, (315) 498-2254, Architect: HOLT Architects, P.C., 619 West State Street, Ithaca, NY, tel. (607) 273-7600. Project Description: Project consists of interior renovations to classrooms at the second floor of Ferrante Hall, as well as enclosing the existing entrance porch on the second floor. Work includes abatement of hazardous materials, selective interior and exterior demolition and renovations, including aluminum storefronts, finishes, associated mechanical, electrical, plumbing, audio-visual and other Work indicated in the Contract Documents. Construction Contract: Bids will be received for the following Work: Multiple Contract Project consisting of the following prime contracts: General Building Construction. Plumbing Construction. Mechanical Construction. Electrical Construction. INTERPRETATIONS OR CORRECTIONS OF BIDDING DOCUMENTS Bidders’ Requests for Interpretation (RFIs) are to be submitted by posting to the HOLT Cloud at and clicking on the HOLT Cloud link at the bottom right corner of the screen. No other forms of request will be considered. Refer to Section 002515 "Prebid Requests for Information (RFI's)" for more information on using the HOLT Cloud. Requests for Interpretation must reach the Architect at least seven days prior to the date for receipt of bids. BID SUBMITTAL AND OPENING Owner will receive sealed lump sum bids until the bid time and date at the location given below. Owner will consider bids prepared in compliance with the Instructions to Bidders issued by Owner, and delivered as follows: Bid Date: 12 April 2018 Bid Time: 2:00 p.m., local time. Location: Onondaga County Office Building John H. Mulroy Civic Center 421 Montgomery Street Purchasing Department, 13th Floor Syracuse, NY 13202 Attn: Andrew Trombley, Director of County Purchasing Bids will be thereafter publicly opened and read aloud. BID SECURITY Bid security shall be submitted with each bid in the amount of five (5%) percent of the bid amount. No bids may be withdrawn for a period of 45 days after opening of bids. Owner reserves the right to reject any and all bids and to waive informalities and irregularities. PREBID MEETING Prebid Meeting: A Prebid meeting for all bidders will be held in Room F266 of Ferrante Hall on 29 March 2018 at 10:00 a.m., local time. This meeting is not mandatory, but prospective bidders are strongly requested to attend. (See Document 002513 "Prebid Meetings.") Bidders' Questions: Architect will provide responses at Prebid conference to bidders' questions received up to two business days prior to conference. DOCUMENTS Procurement of Contracting Documents: Bidding Documents will be available 22 March 2018 from Plan & Print Systems, Inc.; telephone (315) 437-5111; located at 6160 Eastern Ave, Syracuse, NY 13211 (the Printer). Bidders MUST register as a plan holder through the Printer. Interested firms may request and receive a printed copy of the bidding and contract documents upon payment of a one hundred-dollar ($100) deposit for each set of documents requested. Firms providing an email address will receive notification of addenda for download at no additional cost. All deposit checks are to be made payable to ‘County of Onondaga” Contractors who have paid the aforesaid deposit for an entire set of Bidding and Contract Documents and return such sets to Plan and Print Systems in good condition within thirty (30) calendar days after the award of the contract, shall receive a refund of such deposit for each set returned to Plan and Print Systems. Unclaimed deposits will be retained by the County of Onondaga. Plans and Specifications may be mailed to interested firms upon request, provided a separate non-refundable twenty-five-dollar ($25) payment for shipping and handling is received along with the deposit. All fee payments for shipping and handling are to be made payable to Plan & Print Systems, Inc.. Plans and Specifications will not be mailed until a payment is received by Plan and Print Systems. Viewing Procurement and Contracting Documents: Examine 22 March 2018, at the locations below: Onondaga Community College, Office of Campus Facilities, 4585 W Seneca Turnpike, Syracuse, NY 13215. Onondaga County Office Building, John H. Mulroy Civic Center, 421 Montgomery Street, Purchasing Department, 13th Floor, Syracuse, NY 13202 Syracuse Builders Exchange, 6563 Ridings Road, Syracuse NY 13206 HOLT Architects, P.C., 132 E. Jefferson Street, Syracuse NY TIME OF COMPLETION Successful bidder shall begin the Work on receipt of the Notice to Proceed and shall complete the Work within the Contract Time. PREVAILING WAGE RATES The New York State Department of Labor has issued a Prevailing Wage Schedule (PRC#2018001614 for this Project. Said schedule is included by reference and is hereby annexed to and made part of the specifications for this Project. BIDDER'S QUALIFICATIONS Bidders must be properly licensed under the laws governing their respective trades and be able to obtain insurance and bonds required for the Work. A Performance Bond, separate Labor and Material Payment Bond, and Insurance in a form acceptable to Owner will be required of the successful Bidder. NOTIFICATION This Advertisement for Bids document is issued by HOLT Architects, P.C ONONDAGA COUNTY PURCHASING DEPARTMENT
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