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Mark Cerrone, Inc. is requesting bids for the following projects for all scopes of work detailed in contract documents. Optional MWBE Pre-bid meetings will be held interested firms at MCI Office. Documents can be obtained by contacting the associated estimator, Phone 716-282-5244, Fax 716-282-5245 or iSqFt®. Bids due electronically or in person at 2368 Maryland Ave., Niagara Falls, NY 14305. Certified firms for associated goals are strongly encouraged.

Parrott Hall Demolition Project in Geneva, NY. Contact: Optional MWBE Meeting 5/9/18 at 3:30pm. MBE:13%, WBE: 17%. Proposals due to MCI by 5/11/18 at 2:00PM.

Miller Yard Interim Rem. Measure No. 5 Project D263707 in Freement, NY. Contact: Optional MWBE Meeting 5/23/18 at 3:30pm. MBE:12%, WBE: 18%. Proposals due to MCI by 6/4/18 at 2:00PM.

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