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Village of Nunda, NY
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The Village of Nunda is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to assist in administering the Village’s recent Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) Award.

The program is for enhancements to locally owned residential homes which in turn will provide a local economic boost, create jobs, and benefit low to moderate income families or individuals. The Village has entered into an agreement with Housing Trust Fund Corporation (HTFC) represented by the Office of Community Renewal Project No. 831HR350-18. All provisions of said agreement must be met and followed by qualified consultant.

The Village of Nunda strongly encourages Minority and Women Owned Business Enterprises and Section 3 qualified applicants to apply along with locally-owned small businesses.

The Village intends to retain a consulting firm to assist in the administration of the Village’s CDBG Program. The consultant selected will be responsible for performing many of the administrative tasks and responsibilities as required and prescribed in the New York State Community Development Block Grant Program – Grant Administration Manual.

The Request for Proposal (RFP) information and requirements are available for review on the municipality’s website;

RFP responses will be delivered to the Village Clerk-Treasurer/Chief Fiscal Officer by 2:00 PM on April 15, 2019, to the following address, sealed and packaged;

Village of Nunda
C/O CDBG Consulting Services RFP Response
4 Massachusetts Street
PO Box 537
Nunda, NY 14517-0537
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