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Save 711 and Benediction Café Project Manager RFP

1 Scope of Services

The successful bidder(s) will provide services to the PCDC on a part-time, as needed basis. It is estimated that the successful bidder(s) will work in total no more than 1,500 hours annually. However, the PCDC does not guarantee 1,500 hours or any other level of required service. Working closely with the Board of PCDC, the freelance consultant assigned duties will include, but are not limited to:

1.1 Research, fact verification and data retrieval for Heritage/Cultural Research and Programming related topics using the Internet and other entities/organizations;

1.2 Write and organize information used in the PCDC marketing materials. Write new and/or edit existing content (headlines, body text, captions) for the PCDC. Write new and/or edit existing content (headlines, body text, captions) for the PCDC publications (website, print advertising, brochures, and newsletters).

1.3 NY State Vault Preparation and Maintenance; organize and compile required information to keep PCDC in a prequalified state.

1.4 Board Trainings and Facilitations, scheduling meetings and workshops to facilitate needs of project.

1.5 Compile and file all records related to project.

1.6 Community Development, act as a community liaison to deepen impact of project within the community. Providing links to local, state and national organizations and individuals who will facilitate project.

1.7 Solicit and fact check information for the PCDC Board.

1.8 Cultural Programming with identified Historical topics.

1.9 Grants and Budget Management

1.10 Maintain deadlines

2 Deliverables The deliverables for this project are consistent with the Scope of Services discussed above.

3 Mandatory Qualification Requirements

3.1 The Bidder must have experience with Historic Preservation, Museum and Arts Programming, Marketing, Community Development and Project Management.

3.2 Prior to the proposal due date for this RFP, the Bidder must have a minimum of five (5) years, performing services essentially similar to those described in Scope of Services (section 1.1) of this RFP.

3.3 The Bidder must have experience using Microsoft Word/Outlook along with the experience of working in both a Windows and Macintosh computer operating environment.

3.4 Knowledge of New York State History, tourism regions/attractions is highly desirable, but not mandatory.

3.5 The Bidder must have the economic resources to pay expenses in advance of reimbursement.

3.6 The Bidder must provide the name, address, telephone number, contact name, title, and email address of three (3) business references that can substantiate your firm’s or consultant experience.

4 Selection Criteria/Evaluation Process

Proposals that meet all the mandatory qualifications as outlined above will be evaluated by PCDC based on the Selection Criteria stated in this section.

Proposals will be scored based on the following criteria:

4.1 Technical Evaluation consisting of:

4.2 Experience and Ability to Perform Services (50 points)

4.3 How well the Bidder meets the qualification requirements addressed in this RFP. Particular attention will be given to skills and relevant experience with New York State Community Development, tourism regions/attractions and entrepreneurship. Evaluation of the Bidder’s ability to accomplish the Scope of Services. Limit your response to four pages.

4.4 Writing/Editing Samples (20 points)

Please provide writing samples demonstrating a range of writing styles including creative writing, fact based articles etc.

4.5 Cost (30 points)

4.6 References (0 points)

Bidders must supply a minimum of three (3) references (including name and address of the organization, contact name, and telephone number) that can substantiate the quality of the bidder’s work to be considered for an award of this project. Points are not awarded for references, however, references must be provided with your proposal.

5 Evaluation / Award Process Initial evaluation of proposals will be done in two parts – Technical Evaluation and Cost Evaluation. PCDC’s Evaluation Committee will review the technical portion of each proposal based on the technical criteria listed above. The reviewer’s scores will be combined to provide an average score. Then cost scores, based on a weighted average formula, will be added to the technical score resulting in the total score for the written proposal. All NYS Certified M/WBE firms will receive 5 bonus points added to their final score. PCDC reserves the right to determine whether oral presentations/interviews will be necessary.

6 Work Assignment DED has estimated approximately 1,500 hours in total annually will be needed on a part-time, as needed basis.

7 Please Submit 3 complete copies of bid materials.

8 Contract Award Upon selection,
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