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: 5852302636
: United States, New York, Rochester
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Contract Opportunity: Business Developer/Manager

Applications due: January 13th Finalist Interviews: January 19th, 20th, 23rd Time and Location TBD
Compensation: $6,500 monthly stipend for six months, Opportunity for Long-Term Employment

The Market Driven Community Corporation (MDCC Corp.) is a new Rochester based non-profit with multi-sector leadership including local government, higher education, hospital systems, philanthropy, business leaders, and neighborhood residents. MDCC Corp’s mission is to create jobs and wealth-building opportunities in high poverty neighborhoods by overseeing the development of for-profit, employee-owned businesses linked to large sources of demand. After significant planning and research, the MDCC Corp. board has approved moving forward with the development of its first startup business.

ENEROC (working title) will be developed as an employee-owned contracting business providing installation services to large prime contractors managing commercial and institutional energy efficiency projects, such as LED retrofits and solar panel installation. Over time, the business may also diversify into other light trades work, such as demolition, property maintenance, or other related verticals. ENEROC will meet a demonstrated market need for professionally managed, on-demand installation crews who can deliver quality service at a competitive price. Portions of the detailed ENEROC Business Plan document will be made available to interview finalists.

As a worker-owned cooperative, employees of ENEROC will have the opportunity to participate in profit-sharing and governance. As a member company of the MDCC Corp. network, ENEROC’s business success will support a broader mission to create jobs and wealth-building opportunities in the EMMA, Beechwood, CONEA, and Marketview Heights neighborhoods of Rochester.

MDCC Corp. is seeking to engage a uniquely qualified Business Developer/Manager who will be tasked with developing and executing a strategic plan to launch the company, advance the company's mission and objectives, and promote revenue, profitability, diversity and growth as an employee-owned organization. This is a six month probationary contract with the deliverable to launch and stabilize the operations of the business. Pending successful performance on this contract, the candidate will be considered for full-time hire by ENEROC and the MDCC Corporation.

The position will oversee all operations of the business including hiring and training, worksite supervision, development of back office processes, and ensuring policies and procedures are followed. He/she will develop processes that will maximize stewardship, safety, quality, productivity. He/she will develop positive company culture and prepare employees to be future members of the ownership team. He/she will ensure cost-effective management of company resources, and be accountable to the ENEROC Board of Directors and MDCC Corp. He/she will ensure quality and customer service as a number one priority.

1. Develop strategic and operational plans to launch and grow the company and advance the company's mission and objectives.
2. Secure business development capital and other financial and in-kind resources necessary to start and grow the business
3. Promote revenue generation, profitability, and growth as an organization
4. Plan, organize, direct and run day-to-day operations, manage and coordinate multiple projects simultaneously
5. Develop and implement company operational procedures, policies, and standards
6. Negotiate and secure contracts with end-customers and prime contractors
7. Develop relationships with customers and partners, set expectations, maintain responsive communications, and ensure service and project delivery meets or exceeds expectations
8. Review activity reports and financial statements to determine progress and status in attaining objectives. Revise objectives and plans in accordance with current conditions.
9. Recruit, hire, manage, and develop a diverse and effective team. Build trust, accountability, and mutual respect with employees. Develop positive company culture.
10. Evaluate performance of employees for compliance with established policies and objectives of the company and contributions in attaining objectives
11. Oversee and implement billing and invoice procedures
12. Oversee purchase of materials, tools, and equipment required to meet company objectives
13. Procure and maintain facility to house ENEROC LLC
14. Develop participatory workplace culture and support development of effective board governance practices
15. Lead company through transition to employee-ownership
16. Deliver Quarterly reports to Board of Directors and as requested by Board Chair
17. Other duties as assigned.

1. Entrepreneurship & Management: Demonstrated success in s
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