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Minority Reporter Q&A: Aquinas’ Vanessa Fulmore, First Female Student of Color to Play Section V Golf

By Staff –


VanessaAquinas Institute of Rochester senior Vanessa Fulmore is the first female student of color to play Section V golf competitively, and she has recently been offered a full Division II scholarship to The College of Saint Rose in Albany.

The Minority Reporter spoke with Fulmore recently, to find out what she thinks about being labeled as a trailblazer, and how she plans to leverage her accomplishment in the sport, going forward.

Minority Reporter: What do you think being the first female of color to play Section V golf competitively means for the sport?

Vanessa Fulmore: In 2012, I started playing J.V. golf for Aquinas as a seventh grader. Until last year, in 2016, I was the only girl of color to play girls’ golf.

It’s sad to me that, in 2017, we still have any person of color, male or female, being the first to do anything.

To be honest, it’s a title that often feels like a burden to bare.

I prefer to see myself as a “golfer,” not the section’s first anything.

Churchville-Chili currently has two girls on their team. I hope their addition only leads more girls of all colors to the sport.

Minority Reporter: What do you hope to gain from your accomplishment in the sport, and from your acceptance and scholarship to Saint Rose?

Vanessa Fulmore: On Nov. 12, I signed a national letter of intent accepting a full golf and academic scholarship to play Division II golf for the College of Saint Rose in Albany.

Golf has already taught me so much in life.

It is a game of patience and integrity. It’s also a sport of discipline, and I hope that trait carries over into my studies, career, and life thereafter.

Minority Reporter: What are your plans for the future?

Vanessa Fulmore: After college and grad school, I plan to become a teacher in the Rochester area.

I have recently started a golf academy for young girls of color.

In my spare time and during school breaks, I hope to continue to grow the game, and the talents of the academy participants.

Sadly, there are no girls’ golf teams in the Rochester City School District, so how can we ever expect to grow the game, or introduce it to girls of color if there are no examples for them to follow?

I hope to be their catalyst.

Fulmore has recently begun her golf academy at RCSD’s School No. 20, and said she plans to continue to expand the initiative to additional city schools in the future.  

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