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Monroe County Cracks Down on Nursing Home Violations


Dozens of citizens flooded Brighton’s senior center on Tuesday, April 5, to share their experiences and report recurring problems at nursing homes in surrounding neighborhoods.

Sean Lahman, a writer for the Democrat and Chronicle, attended the talk and reported hearing a number of stories from loved ones whose family and friends were neglected in nursing homes. He writes: “What’s most heartbreaking were the tales of people left alone, unfed, unwashed and uncared for in the very place where their families sent them to be looked after.”

In February, the Office of the State Comptroller released a 28-page audit report that devoted multiple paragraphs to a number of violations cited at Westgate Nursing Home in Gates between November 2011 and May 2015. According to the Democrat and Chronicle, the violations were ultimately cited at the highest level of danger.

A recent Democrat and Chronicle investigation found that a 34 nursing homes in Monroe County were cited for a collective 768 violations of both state and federal regulations.

Although some property owners look to features like landscaping add value to a home — healthy, mature trees can add up to 10% in returns — some commercial property owners try to cut costs as best as they can in other areas. For Rochester’s nursing home residents, this has led to some serious consequences.

The violations result in deficiencies that leave nursing home residents neglected and range from care issues and improper patient supervision to unsanitary conditions and problems with pest control, among other issues.

As both citizens and care specialists seek answers and solutions to these repeated violations across Monroe County, facilities such as Rochester Regional are looking to treat a deficiency at one facility as a deficiency at all, cracking down on the way leadership and care is conducted at the senior homes.

“I don’t believe in excuses,” said Mark Klyczek, vice president of the Long Term Care Division for Rochester Regional Health. “My actual goal is to have deficiency-free surveys.”