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Monroe County D.A. Sandra Doorley switches to Republican Party

Sandra DoorleyMonroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley has announced she’s switching from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party.

Doorley made the announcement Jan. 15, surrounded by local Republican officials.

“Don’t judge me by the political party I’m aligned with, judge me by the job that I’ve done,” she stated.

Doorley said her office has successfully prosecuted 4,987 felony cases, and 17,548 misdemeanor cases, with a 94 percent conviction rate, since she’s been D.A.

Republican Party chair Bill Reilich touted the move.

“Today, I am proud to announce that she is the newest member of the Republican Party team in Monroe County, and our candidate for district attorney,” Reilich stated.

Doorley beat Republican Bill Taylor in the 2011 race for D.A., and has been the only woman to hold the county office.

She cited an alignment in her personal values with the GOP as the reason for her switch.

In addition, Monroe County Democratic Committee chair Dave Garretson had the following reaction to Doorley’s move:

“Today’s announcement is a disappointment to voters who elected Sandra Doorley believing that she would serve as a strong and independent prosecutor,” Garretson stated. “Republicans in our county face ongoing state and federal investigations, with active indictments on bid-rigging and other public corruption charges. The voters of Monroe County deserve a strong and independent prosecutor. The Democratic Party will be fielding such a candidate this fall.”

A former prosecutor, Doorley has been working in the DA’s office for 24 years.