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More Than 1,400 Jobs to Come to Rochester with Two Big Tech Firms

Research shows that 50% of all mobile searches are done with the hopes of finding local results. Rochesterians using their phones’ browsers to search for local job opportunities may be pleasantly surprised.

Two phototonics companies, Photonia Inc. and Avogy, are soon moving to Rochester, and are bringing hundreds of jobs with them.

This is the first major job announcement since July, when Rochester was named the site of the U.S. Photonics Institute.

Governor Cuomo made the announcement in Rochester on Wednesday morning. He said, “It’s a $1.6 billion investment and [means] 1,400 new jobs coming to Rochester.”

Avogy makes power sources for computers and phones and is moving to Rochester to utilize the next generation of optics. This new technology, called photonics, uses cells that can power electronics using light.

These advancements will make chargers smaller, lighter, and capable of providing power for weeks, or months, instead of hours or days.

“We have a plan,” said Avogy’s CEO Dinesh Ramanathan. “We have to make sure we set up our facility here and move equipment in here. Once we do that we can go hiring people.”

A press release from the governor’s office reported that the jobs will pay an average of $80,000 a year.

The second company, Photonica, creates video displays, routing applications for telecom, and photonic integrated circuits.

Unlike Avogy, its headquarters will not be moved to Rochester, but the company has pledged to develop new products here and to create 400 jobs over the next few years.

The companies are coming to Rochester as a part of the AIM Photonics Institute, which was announced last year and expected by officials to help rejuvenate Rochester’s economy.

Both companies will receive a combined $75 million in state funds for equipment and upgrades.

“The companies come for the clean room and R and D capacity,” says Cuomo. “And that then generates a whole cluster economy around that asset.”

When the companies do move to Rochester, they will set up at the Legacy Tower downtown, with research facilities in Canal Ponds in Greece and manufacturing operations at Eastman Business Park.