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MV Transportation Submits Proposal to Bus RCSD Students

By Staff


MV_logo_MV-Transportation-Inc.MV Transportation Inc., a Dallas-based transportation service provider, announced the company has submitted a proposal to the Rochester City School District (RCSD), in order to be considered for busing students in the upcoming school year.

“We have closely monitored the ongoing negotiations between the RCSD and the Rochester- Genesee Regional Transportation Authority (RGRTA) through the press, and our contacts in Rochester,” MV officials said in a press release. “These negotiations seem to be predicated on the notion that there is no other student transportation service that is either capable, or willing, to provide service to the RCSD for the upcoming school year. We want to be clear that we are both ready, and willing, to service RCSD, and can do so within the short time frame demanded by the circumstances.”

RCSD Board of Educataion officials said they have been considering whether to approve a new contract with RGRTA since June, but postponed a recent vote due to an increase in the cost of using both RTS and yellow buses to transport students, as well as additional transportation costs projected in the 2015-16 school year.

However, according to RCSD School Board President Van White, although the district is still considering its options, RCSD plans to have a “transportation provider in place” by the beginning of the school year, and is hoping to find the most cost effective, and safe way, for students to travel.

MV officials also said the company has the potential to purchase buses from RCSD’s existing service provider, as well as to hire operators who may potentially be laid off by RGRTA, should they win the contract.