Wednesday 5 October 2022
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My Response to ‘Defund the Police’ Advocates

Op Ed by Shanique Byrd

Shanique Byrd

Louisville is in a state of mourning and chaos after the police officers involved in Breonna Taylor’s murder, were allowed to walk free. A grand jury decided that only one officer would be charged with a crime, but none were charged for her murder. Now, Protesters are ready for war. According to reports, two police officers were shot and wounded Wednesday night by 26 year old Larynzo Johnson.

I guess if the police department had been defunded, Ms. Taylor’s family and her community would have some level of justice, right?

Am I wrong for believing the punishment should fit the crime? Is that too much to ask? The idea that defunding the police was “sold” as a response to police involved murders is insane to me. You kill someone and your bank account is frozen? What in the hickory-dickory-dock is going on in America? And while we are asking for stuff, did anyone ask Mary Lupien where the 3.7 million dollars went that was defunded from RPD? Lupien says she’s an advocate for Black women, so she should ensure that, that money comes directly to us. Or does she just advocate for “pit bulls” that will do her dirty work for her?

Advocates for defunding should say it’s a measure to combat over policing in the black community because that would make more sense. If police are working overtime to racially profile black men or handout tickets for bikes without bells in the hood, that means they have way too much PAID time on their hands.

Look, I’m not against defunding. I just want the research to be done to prove that the money will go to communities of color. Not, align the pockets of politicians who are just looking for a photo op.

Decades ago, defunding the police was considered a radical movement. Perhaps because most of the people involved were black. Fast forward to 2020, who do you see on the frontlines? It definitely isn’t a bunch of black people protesting and stripping down to socks. I called defunding the police a white agenda, because about 80% to 85% of the protesters holding up signs and marching are white. That wasn’t an attack, it’s just facts. That doesn’t mean whites started the movement, it just means they hijacked it. I’m also not saying that whites cannot be allies, because we need their support. Believe me, there is a difference between support and control. But, some of you “negroes” don’t know the difference.

Maybe my views are too radical for you. I assume forcing one to think beyond their imagination makes most people nervous. I guess some people ( black and white) cannot fathom that there could be white people involved with the movement, who may have sinister intentions. Hell the government planted an informant within Malcom X’s organization and that man watched him get murdered. So, you think they wouldn’t plant one in your local disorganized organization just for laughs?

Shanique Byrd is the founder of Tocsin Magazine, a social justice publication & trusted media source. The author of the children’s book, “The Salad Bowl,” the Rochester native is an alumni of Monroe Community College and a dedicated advocate for prison reform. Over the last 10 years, Ms. Byrd has interviewed countless entertainers, politicians, and business professionals.

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