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New Campaign Highlights Careers in Trade Construction Industries

In the Community

Monroe County, City recently announced a new media campaign to recruit more young men and women into trades and construction careers.

Monroe County Executive Adam Bello said careers in the trades and construction industries are personally and financially rewarding.

“We need more people to consider this career path so we can continue to grow our economy and our infrastructure,” he said.

The County of Monroe Industrial Development Agency (COMIDA) and the City of Rochester each approved $100,000 in matched funding for the Rochester Building and Construction Trades Council (RBCTC) to support the campaign.

“We are launching a campaign to educate and energize our local workforce about the career opportunities that the RBCTC offers — there is no better time than now to pursue a life-changing career in the construction industry,” said Grant Malone, president of the Rochester Building and Construction Trades Council.

The City’s funding pledge is subject to City Council approval.

“We are excited to partner on this media campaign to make the city’s youth aware of the fantastic opportunities available in the trade and construction industries,” said Evans.

Evans said with building and development projects happening all over the city and more in the pipeline, the city of Rochester wants to see young men and women from all over Rochester benefit from the investments to build a city with a prosperous future.

Ann Burr, COMIDA board chair said that the campaign will illustrate the enormous opportunities for life-changing careers in the skilled trades. She said the COMIDA Board invests in growth companies in hopes of of expanding the economy. “This campaign is part of our investment in growing the workforce to fill these new job opportunities,” said Burr.

“Thank you to Monroe County Executive Adam Bello, the COMIDA Board and Mayor Malik Evans for your support.”